The aim of Staff Retreats and Reflection Days is to foster a personal encounter with Jesus, to share stories of faith and experiences that enrich the spirit of God present in our daily lives and work.

Themes that are explored through these gatherings include:

· Building the Catholic community based on the principles of Catholic Social Teaching

· Exploring the charisms of the religious founders of the schools in the diocese

· Exploring the nature and purpose of Catholic education

· Discovering the various entities that promote justice and peace initiatives in our local community

· Environmental stewardship

· Enriching our Catholic spirituality in the workplace

· Formation in the doctrine and practises of the Catholic Church

· Formation of new teachers into the Catholic character of the school

· Invitational renewal for experienced staff to renew and re-engage in their faith and their spirituality of teaching

· Formation of newly appointed senior leaders in schools into the moral purpose of the Catholic school, theological reflection and the reimagining of the mission of the Church in the world

· Extended and varied pilgrimage experiences to explore, nurture and enhance school charisms.

Staff Workshop

The Be You To The Full Workshop has evolved from some of the Ignition questions for Discernment.

Staff will be invited to reflect on some key questions coupled with learning practical skills and techniques for self-care, these new skills will be lifelong tools which can in turn be passed on to students.