Our Primary School Retreats Programmes can be booked for a  full school day, a half school day and on an after school basis.

our programmes

Finding Jesus -  First Holy Communion Retreats

Theme: The theme for this retreat makes reference to the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ where Dory goes in search of Nemo who was lost. The day begins exploring the person of Jesus and the Church. Godly Play is used to help open up Biblical Stories while also engaging in Arts and Crafts, Object Lessons, Play and Drama.

Aim: To allow children to explore the person of Jesus in the Eucharist and preparing to receive Him.

Superheroes Retreats- 3rd-5th Class Retreats

Theme: Superheroes Retreat looks at the students favourite Super Heroes, why they have become Superheroes, How Jesus was a Superheroes and how Jesus calls each one of us to become Superheroes through His love, the gifts and talents he has given us, through the service of our Neighbour and through responding to the Great Commission.

The students engage in arts and crafts, drama and games to learn and explore the above theme.

Aim: Students come to know that they are unique, special and loved in the eyes of God. That students would explore and be able to identify the gifts and talents that they have been given and how might they be able to put them to the service of others. Students also explore their own dreams and desires and how God inspires us to do great things.

KEEP IT LIT - Confirmation Retreats

Theme: The name Keep It Lit, is tied uniquely to the aim of this retreat. Often students complete 6th class and instead of entering more fully into the Church it can be almost as if they graduate from the Church. This retreat aims to look at the basic kerygma and allow the students to explore and respond to it.

Aim:To help students explore who the Holy Spirit is, why the Holy Spirit has been given to us, our Mission, what it means to be Confirmed and  how to be an active agent within the Church.


8 Week Keep It Lit After school Preparation Programme

Catholic School Retreats recognises the time restrictions teachers are faced with coupled with the existing heavy laden curriculum. Therefore, Catholic School Retreats has designed an eight week Confirmation Preparation Course for schools and parishes. This Programme give students  an opportunity to opt in, as opposed to be forced to attend and is run outside of school hours, usually in the school or parish hall.

After School Sacramental Preparation Classes

Catholic School Retreats offers Sacramental Preparation Classes for both First Holy Communion and Confirmation through English and Irish to non-denominational schools. For more information please get in contact.