Churches that employ a Children’s/Youth Worker are half as likely to be in decline.
— Findings from the Church Growth Research Programme, Research carried out by the Church of England.

Children’s Ministry Training Days 

 The Children’s Ministry Training Day  engages Children’s Ministry Teams in how to engage with children’s spirituality, creative ways of teaching the Bible, community listening, an experience of Godly Play, exploring current resources that are available and looking at how the team engage in practical planning for their parish/diocese. For more information please get in contact with one of our team members.

Parents Crash Course in Catechetics

The Parents Crash Course in Catechetics runs over a 4 week period. Our teaching  methodologies cater for all learning types including kinesthetics, visual and audio. The course involves interactive discussions, questions, arts and crafts, pictures, playdough, Lego and much more to deliver the content. The themes and topics for the course include : Belief and Unbelief - Exploring the Great Big Questions, the Adventure Story, The Call to Come Closer, and a Reason to Celebrate.

Sacramental Preparation Classes for Non- Denominational School

Catholic School Retreats offers Sacramental Preparation Classes for both First Holy Communion and Confirmation through English and Irish to non-denominational Schools. For more information please get in contact.