Finding Jesus

First Holy Communion Preparation and Retreats


How to be a Superhero to others - 3rd/4th/5th Class Retreats

Keep it Lit

is a new, exciting and dynamic Confirmation Retreat.

·      Each retreats content and delivery method  can be tailored to the needs of children and the ethos of the school. Attached is a tentative schedule.

·      The retreat is divided up into three sessions with three main themes ensuring the basic kerygma is touched upon before we lead into Confirmation and the Holy Spirit.

·      The cost for the retreat varies on the number of students and the location of the school/ parish.


9.20- Students arrive

9.30- Introduction – 

·      Opening Prayer

·      Group Contract

·      Overview of the day

·      What to expect

·      Introductions


9.45-10.00 – Ice-breaker/Game(s) – Octopus and Sharks 

10.00-10.15- Gospel Message – God’s Love 

10.15-10.25- Testimony

10.25-10.35- Game

10.35-11.00 – God the Fathers Love Letter

(Response Time)


11.00-11.15- Small Break


11.15 -11.30 God is Calling – Prayer 

11.30-11.45 Practical ways to pray –Testimony  

11.45-12.00- Prayer Stations

12.00-12.15 – Meditation

12.15-12.40  Games/ Small groups – depending on how the group is getting on and depending what they need.

(Take up Question Box) 


Lunch  12.45-1.15


1.15-1.20 – Fruits of the Holy Spirit – Game

1.20-1.35 – Confirmation 101  

1.35-2.00 – Confirmation Challenge – Obstacle Course intertwined with Catechesis

2.00-2.20 - Questions and Answers

Made for More

an empowering women’s retreat, delivered from a holistic and Christian perspective for all girl schools

the stress buster

is aimed at staff and businesses who wish to offer an experience of meditation and mindfulness to their staff


Geared towards challenging men to live courageously the Christian Calling.

Childrens Ministry Training

Training Parishes, Diocese and School in effective and vibrant Childrens Ministry 

We usually recommend that a minimum group of 12 people are invited to attend the training day.

The layout of the day, depends really on what the Diocese or Parish specifically want and need. However below is a tentative outline for other training days we have ran.


9.30am – Introductions, Welcome, Naming Expectations for the day, Opening Prayer

9.45am – Children Matter – Children’s Spirituality

10.15 – Creative Ways of teaching the Bible

10.45 – Community Listening


11.00-11.45 – Tea/Coffee Break


11.15-12.30 – Godly Play Training, Experiencing a session, Learning to lead and Making your own equipment.

 12.30-1.00 – Creative Bits - Biblical Arts and Crafts


1.00-1.30 Lunch Time

 1.30- Interactive Prayer Stations – Experience, Lead and Set Up

 2.00-3.00 – How to put together a Children’s Retreat

3.00-4.00 Resources – Planning – Where to from Now – Q&A’s

 4PM – Final Farewell.