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Jane is a qualified yoga and meditation teacher based in Dublin. Trained in India and Ireland Jane is passionate about sharing the effects of these practices for personal wellbeing and inner growth. Yoga and meditation are practices that benefit the whole person, helping to alleviate stress, nourishing the body and calming the mind, centering oneself and giving the tools to help one create a more balanced and wholesome lifestyle. Jane is involved in the running of a Dublin based Ashram where she leads regular yoga and meditation retreats.

MEET Clár (B.A.Th, M.A Cs, M.A.Th, P.D.E )

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Clár is a qualified teacher and holds postgraduate degrees in Education, Spirituality, Spiritual Accompaniment, Self-Care and Meditation. Clár is an avid triathlete and is also an entrepreneur. Clár believes in self-knowledge and understanding being the first steps to well-being, followed by actions taken in a self-care plan. Claire is trained in multiple methods of meditation and relaxation and has done ample work with children and young people imparting tools of self-care and tools to allow them to help themselves along their own journey of life. Clár is passionate about a holistic approach to Well Being, catering not only to the physical and spiritual but also the emotional and psychological too. Clár believes that a balance in work and leisure is important for not only one’s productivity in work but also one’s happiness which permeates all areas of life such as relationships, work, dreams, desires and goals. Clár is an advocate for personal well-being in areas such as meditation, journaling, exercising, planning for personal and professional, nutrition etc.


Don is a highly experienced Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer, Mentor and Coach. Don specialises in people management and employment services and has worked with over 200 organisations and across various government initiatives in both public and private sectors to support and guide individuals successfully navigating the workplace and people management. Don has completed a degree and post graduate qualifications in HR and Adult Career Guidance and Life Coaching.

Don worked for several international companies delivering a variety of training and consultancy projects in seven countries in collaboration with the World Bank, United Nations and EU at national and organisational levels.

He is very experienced in providing business courses ranging from People Management to Life Coaching, with a particular interest in People Management and Employee Relations Management.

Here are some of Don’s expertise: Professional Communications, Supervisory Management, Personal Effectiveness, Leadership Skills, Team Building, Presentation Skills/Preparing a Talk, Train the Trainer, Start your own business, Knowing Yourself.

Don was formerly HR Manager with two multi-nationals, responsible for organisational development, recruitment, training and development, employee relations, job evaluations, salary benchmarking, staff retention, appraisals. He worked with IPP, Irish Life, Ford Motor Company, Unilever (formerly CPC), FAS and Social Welfare Appeals Office. He worked in a marketing role with Irish Life and Henry Ford before moving to HR Manager roles. 

Don was a Manager in FAS, specialising in HR/Employee Relations, employment services, training centres and community development. He worked for FAS International in seven countries delivering a complex range of consultancy and training and development programmes at national level and organisational levels.

Meet Eileen B.A (Econ); Dip Psych & Couns; B.A (Th); Cert. Supervision

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Eileen is a psychotherapist and supervisor with thirty years’ experience working in the field of well-being and mental health. Eileen specialises in many different forms of therapy including psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing therapy (EMDR), which is an interactive psychotherapy technique used to relieve psychological stress. EMDR has been used as an effective treatment for trauma and post-traumatic  stress disorder (PTSD) and brief solution focussed therapy and meditation and relaxation exercises. She has worked extensively in the following areas: Trauma, Relationship Counselling, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Conflict Resolution, Bereavement, Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Abuse. 

She has spent ten years working in relationship counselling and worked for approximately twenty years in general private practice psychotherapy.

Eileen is a member of Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and has completed her MA in Clinical Supervision with Trinity College Dublin (TCD). She has worked with several organisations over the years as well as individuals seeking assistance, group work, mediation, clinical supervision within organisations and in individual and group situations. She has also completed a year of clinical supervision training recently in TCD.  

Here at the Wellbeing Hub we understand the benefits and needs of looking after your staff’s mental health.

Meet Ffionn

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Massage therapist Ffionn’s treatments are quite specialised and aim to leave the client both relaxed and rejuvenated.

Ffionn offers a number of different massage treatments: holistic massage is a standard treatment, which centres on the full body, is not too strenuous and aims for full relaxation. Ayurvedic massage is a form of Indian massage: which focuses on head massage and facial rejuvenation. They are all different but also relaxing, using tools to drain fluids and the lymph nodes.

Facial rejuvenation is a natural facelift massage and probably her most popular treatment. It’s done with the hands using three lifting techniques: the first technique works on the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin; the second on the dermis, the second layer of the skin; and the third works to lift the muscles and ease tension.

The aim for our clients at the Well Being Hub is that they leave feeling totally relaxed and free of tension. Often people come with tension in their neck and shoulders due to their sitting posture in work,  the treatments aren’t too deep and yet deliver relaxation and rejuvenation.

People are particularly intrigued by Ffionn’s facial rejuvenation therapy as she also shows them simple techniques they can use at home to relieve sinus pain or headaches. It also refreshes the skin so people are interested in learning more.

With Holistic Therapies our aim is to show people that we can reach the inner harmony that we seek naturally with the resources we already have. Rooted in Ayurvedic techniques, the treatments Ffionn offers take all aspects of the person into consideration, mind, body & spirit. 

Ffionn has studied and practiced holistic therapies for the past 8 years. After completing her undergraduate studies in Health and Society in 2015, she has gained insights into the problems that cause ill-health in our society. We often struggle with factors like work environment, lack of movement and poor diet.

Complementary therapies are an integral addition to a healthy, balanced life. Life can be stressful and fast-paced these days and as a result a lot of us suffer from anxiety, depression and other emotional disorders. Regular massage therapy helps to relieve tension and calm the nervous system which in turn can have a multitude of positive effects on our mind, body and spirit. Some of which include better digestion, sleep, concentration, better mood and increased immunity.

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