All Girls Secondary School Retreats


Made For More– Early Adolescence (1st & 2nd Years)

Tribe- Middle Adolescence (3rd & 4th Years)

Life Without Limits -Late Adolescence (5th & 6th Years)

Our Values


  • To help students slow down and get in touch with what’s real and true.

  • To help  students connect with themselves, with God, with others around them. 

  • To explore God’s Love, to begin a personal conversation / relationship with God through prayer. 

  • To explore the mission that they have been personally called to. 

Topics We Cover

We develop

Identity, Belonging, Body-Image, Self-Esteem, Confidence, Independence, Mental Health, Depression, Dreams and Desires – Our Mission, God’s Love, Identity in Christ, Prayer, Finding Your Tribe, Church, Community, Social Media, Cyber Addiction,  Dealing with Stress and Coping Mechanisms, Bullying, Wholesomeness and Health.

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