A Word of Welcome from our Director:


Welcome to Catholic School Retreats. Catholic School Retreats has arisen out of a desire to run fun, fresh and interactive Catholic School Retreats both for Primary Schools and for Secondary Schools. We here at Catholic School Retreats offer  training in parishes, churches, clergy, parents and teachers to engage in successful, vibrant and impacting children’s ministry.

Fun is the secret ingredient to children’s ministry and I believe within the Catholic Church in Ireland we have forgotten this basic human need to have fun. Fun is a core ingredient in engaging with Children in Ministry.

I am a firm believer and keen advocate for handing on the faith to younger generations but I believe and have experienced working as a Children’s Ministry Co-Coordinator in Catholic and Protestant environments that our method and means of reaching children and young adults must change if it is to be successful in bringing the Gospel message to these young people.

Claire Devaney.